Property Services


The Property Services Department is responsible for maintaining the lakes, general common area maintenance, and sanitation. The Department is made up of 15 full-time employees under the Direction of Kyle Ray. Kyle also manages all major landscape and irrigation contracts.

Kyle Ray, Director of Property Services(850)
Bobby Cordle, Assistant Director of Property Services
Doug Wilkinson, Sanitation Supervisor

Lake Maintenance
The Lake Maintenance Department is responsible for the clean-up and the health and welfare of the 90+ lakes throughout the property. The Lake Harvester equipment is used to assist in the maintenance of the weed and algae growth in the lakes as well as chemical treatments that comply with DEP regulations. In an effort to become environmentally friendly, many organic chemicals are now used.  Most of the irrigation water used throughout the community comes from the lakes so it is important they are preserved and remain healthy ..

If you have any questions regarding lake maintenance, please contact Bobby Cordle at or Kyle Ray at or (850) 424-5922.

General Maintenance
This department is responsible for the maintenance of the street lighting, storm drainage, minor roadway repairs, beach clean-up, and pool maintenance for the two SOA pools.

The sanitation department (trash pick-up) is made up of 6 full-time employees that provide trash pick up 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. In order to operate a high standard of service, we ask that the following guidelines be adhered to:

  • All trash should be securely bagged and by the curb no later than 10:00 a.m.
  • To prevent animals from getting into your trash bags and creating a mess, we ask that no trash be put out until 6:00 a.m.
  • We accept household trash only. We cannot pick up large appliances, large furniture, landscape debris or construction garbage.
  • Hazardous and flammable materials such as: paints, acids, gasoline, automotive batteries, etc. cannot be picked up.
  • For the protection of our employees, all hypodermic needles shall be placed in a puncture proof container, with the contents clearly marked on the outside of the container. A two-liter plastic soda bottle or a container approved by the American Medical Assoc. would be acceptable.
  • Any items that could injure our employees such as broken glass, pointed metal objects, etc. should be secured and then placed in a plastic or heavy duty cardboard box with the contents clearly marked on the outside.
  • For owners that have their property on the rental program, we ask that these rules be displayed for renters.
  • If you have a special trash need that we cannot provide, please call our offices at 424-5960, and we can possibly provide the name of a contractor that may be able to assist you.



          Kyle Ray               Bobby Cordle                Doug Wilkinson



Frequently Asked Questions

When is trash pick up?

Trash pick up is everyday!  Please place your bagged household garbage on the curb by 10:00 am each day and our Sanitation crew will be by to pick it up.   If you have boxes to dispose of, please be sure to break them down flat and put them on the curb as well. Please refer to the top of this page for all of the trash pick up guidelines or the Property Services page of the site if viewing these questions from the FAQ page. 

Why is the irrigation running even when it has rained?

The irrigation system in the common area of the community is connected to the Maxicom System.  This system regulates the amount of watering needed in zoned areas based on the plant material and amount of water it has received from the rain.  In some instances, a programming or sensor error may have occurred; therefore, if you see an area that seems to be receiving excessive irrigation, please email and let him know the area so it can be addressed.