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Architectural Review Department (ARB)

The SOA Architectural Review Department (ARB) is made up of an Administrator, Compliance Officer, and Administrative Support.   The Administrator receives all pertinent information needed for the review process for any new construction or modifications and ensures all items are in order for the Review Board meetings.

The Compliance Officer works in the community to review new construction and modifications to ensure they are being completed in accordance with the approved plans.  The ARB Staff Support personnel completes administrative duties to assist the ARB Department.   

Anissa Cannon, ARB Administrator (850) 424-5930
Josh Cummings, Compliance Officer (850) 424-5931
Darlene Sholler, ARB Staff Support (850) 424-5931


Department Objective
The Architectural Review Board was established to define and interpret aesthetic standards in Sandestin. The ARB either approves or disapproves any and all proposed vertical or horizontal improvements for commercial or residential building sites in Sandestin.

ARB approval must be obtained for any project, including, but not limited to commercial or residential dwellings, garages, any type of outbuilding, landscaping, yard art, fences/walls, decks, terraces, patios, courtyards, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, signs, mailboxes, improvements, and colors of any exterior surface or material.

ARB Process
The Board is made up of a minimum of 5 homeowners, a consulting architect, and a landscape architect. Plans/applications to be considered by the ARB are required to be submitted by 11:30 a.m. the Monday a week prior to the ARB meeting. The schedule for the current year’s meetings can be found on the Calendar page of this website.

Technical Review meetings are held on Wednesday, one week prior to each ARB meeting with the Consulting Structural Architect and Landscape Architect. With their recommendations and response from the neighborhood association in which the proposed project is located, the ARB members meet to review the submittals for consideration. To view the ARB  calendar, which includes Tech Review meetings and submittal deadlines,  please click here.

The ARB Administrator then advises of the Board’s decision via a letter. The Guidelines allow up to 10 calendar days for the decision to be provided, however, it is usually available within 5 business days.

The Committee is governed by Architectural Review Board Guidelines, which can be viewed in PDF format by clicking on the link below. If you would like a copy mailed to you, please call (850) 424-5930 or you can stop by our office and pick one up.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the contractor hired has a current FL Contracting License that permits them to perform the work in which they are to complete. Below is some helpful information regarding FL contractor license requirements.
FL Contractor License
Obtaining permit as Owner/Builder

Neighborhood Association Supplemental Guidelines
(Also see full SOA ARB Guidelines below)
The following Guidelines have been established by the HOA/COA  as Supplemental Guidelines with information that pertains solely to each respective Neighborhood Association. If your neighborhood is listed below, please be sure to refer to both the Supplemental Guidelines and the SOA ARB Guidelines.
Bay Pines 5/2017 Bungalos 9/2022
Burnt Pine 5/2019 Burnt Pine East 6/21/2012 (Rev.6.2019)
Crystal Lake 12/2011 Crystal Lake II   3/12/2018 (Rev. 5/2022)
Deerwood 5/2018 (Rev. 04/2022) Delmar 12/2011
Fountains Rev 4/2022 Grand Harbour   2/2011, (Rev. 3/2021)
Harbour Point 11/2011 Laurel Grove  6/2023
Linkside Village 2/2024 Prestwick Place 10/25/2023
St. Andrews 2011 (Rev.2.23.23)

Tuscana 2.25.2021

Vineyards 2/23/12 – Updated 12/2/2019

Villa Lago 7.28.22

Section X Excerpt from 2010 ARB Guidelines, (Updated June 2021) includes specific information for Raven Oaks, and Island Estates. 


Neighborhood Association Guidelines  – (Also see full SOA ARB Guidelines below)
The following neighborhoods have established Architectural authority in their association governing documents.  Please note, there may be additional neighborhoods that have Architectural authority per their governing documents; however, the SOA has not been provided a copy of any approved Guidelines.  If you are not certain if your neighborhood has Guidelines, please contact your Association Manager.  For previous versions of the Guidelines, please contact your Association Manager.
Fairways 2.2023 Genoa Rev. 4.2024
L’Atrium  8.2021 Tivoli Ridge 4.2019


ARB Forms


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need ARB approval for landscaping?

All exterior modifications, including but not limited to landscaping, fountains, patios, and statues require an approval from the ARB prior to implementation.

How long is my approval good?

For new construction, work must commence within one year from the date of the letter and must be completed within 18 months from the date of the approval letter.  Major  modifications must be completed within 12 months from the date of the approval letter. Minor modification approvals are valid for 90 days and work must be completed within 90 days from the date of the letter. An extension to these deadlines may be requested by submitting a request to the ARB Administrator in writing prior to the expiration of the approval.

When do I need to submit my project for ARB review?

All submittals should be in the ARB office by 11:30 a.m. on the Monday a week prior to the meeting. Meetings are held about every other Wednesday. See our calendar link for specific dates.

When will I get my deposit back?

The ARB Compliance Officer will conduct a final inspection to ensure the project is completed as approved. If there are no outstanding fines, a refund check will be sent to the party who originally paid the deposit.

When will I receive the ARB’s decision?

The ARB has 60 days from the date of receiving a completed submittal to render a decision.  A decision letter will be sent to the applicant within 10 calendar days from the date of the ARB meeting; however, every effort will be made to notify applicants within 5 business days.

Where can I get a copy of the ARB Guidelines?

A copy of the Guidelines are available to download using the link on the ARB Department page or the Rules and Regulations page.  A copy may also be picked up at our office during business hours. We recommend you also check with your neighborhood association documents as some may have specific guidelines that must be followed as well.

Why do I have to pay a compliance deposit?

The purpose of the compliance deposit is to provide the ARB with funds to complete the proposed improvement in the event an owner fails to complete construction of the proposed improvements in accordance with the approved plans and specifications, including the approved landscaping, or fails to clean up the construction site.

Why do I have to pay a review fee?

This fee covers the cost of consulting services for the architect and landscape architect that review each submittal.

Why do I need ARB approval for new construction & exterior modifications?

To maintain Sandestin’s commitment to quality and consistency within a given area or neighborhood environment, and to create a superior living environment for generations to come through the preservation of the architectural motif and natural character of the community.