Sandestin, Fl


General Committee Information

The SOA has a variety of Committees that consists of homeowner volunteers, including at least one representative from the Board of Directors and SOA staff. In Nov/Dec of each year the Advisory Board Chairman, (Vice-president of the Board of Directors) will solicit volunteers to serve on the committees and appoint a Chairman. Committee member terms are 1 year, except for ARB members who serve a 2-year term. Most committees meet monthly or on an as-needed basis with the exception of ARB, which holds a meeting approximately every other week. The committee meetings schedule is available on the Calendar page under the Members menu above.

The role of each committee is to research issues pertaining to their respective area and make recommendations for solutions to the Board of Directors. If you have a question or concern you would like addressed by one of the Committees, please email it to and it will be forwarded accordingly.

Committee Notes are available under the Homeowner Menu above. Access to this menu is available to homeowners only after logging into this site. If you have not created an account, please do so by using the link to “Register”. 

To view a matrix of the current committee structure, including the chairman, click here.

In addition to the SOA committees, there is an Advisory Board that consists of the President of each Neighborhood Association or an alternate representative from their Board. The SOA usually holds two Advisory Board meetings a year, one in February** and one in October. The October meeting is considered the Annual meeting in which the Board of Directors election is held. **As of 2024, the February meeting was changed to a Managers update and will be available via video conference unless there are proposals to be considered by the membership. 

The Advisory Board Members are responsible and authorized to cast the ballot for the SOA Board of Directors election as well as vote on other actions as proposed to the membership in accordance with the SOA governing documents, such as amendments to the documents. A full operations update from the SOA Board and Management is provided at the Advisory Board meetings, which includes the audited financial statements and/or the budget for the following calendar year. The President’s are asked to share the information with their individual association members and the presentations are also available on our website following the meetings. Minutes to these meetings can be viewed on this site under the Homeowner Menu, Meeting Minutes page. In accordance with FL Statute, the meetings are open to all members of the association; however, only the President (or appointed represented from the HOA/COA) is authorized to sign in on behalf of the neighborhood and participate in the meeting.