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Board of Directors & Advisory Board

The Class A Nominating Committee is accepting application to fill the vacancy on the SOA Board as a result of Andy Salmon’s resignation on January 7, 2021.  We thank Mr. Salmon for his tireless efforts, and commitment to the Membership of Sandestin.

If you wish to be considered to fill the vacancy on the Board, please complete the application (link below) and return it to the SOA by 5pm on Friday February 12, 2021. Applications received after that date will not be considered. The Class A members of the Board will select the new Director at the February 25 Board of Directors Meeting.

The appointee will complete the remainder of Mr. Salmon’s term, which expired on December 31, 2021.  They will then be permitted to serve one additional 3 year term, should they choose to run in the next election process.

Class A Nomination Application


Board of Directors General Information
The SOA Board of Directors is made up of 6 homeowner representatives (Class A), 2 commercial representatives (Class B) and 1 declarant representative. The Board meets monthly with most meetings being held in the SOA Main Conference Room. You can view all meeting dates by going to the Calendar page under the Community menu above. Agendas are posted 48 hours prior to the meeting date and can be found on the same link and on the home page.

In addition to attending the monthly Board meetings, Directors are also asked to chair or participate in at least one of the SOA Committees. Details on the Committee structure and responsibilities can be found on the Committees page under the Community menu.

Applications to run for the SOA Board are available in July and the election is held in October at the SOA Advisory Board Meeting.  The president of each Neighborhood Association receives and casts the ballot for their respective neighborhood.  Should you have any questions regarding the election process, please feel free to contact our office at (850) 424-5955.  

If you would like to contact an SOA Board member, please email and your concerns/questions will be forwarded accordingly. 

Advisory Board
In addition to the SOA Board of Directors and committees, there is an Advisory Board that consists of the President of each Neighborhood Association or an alternate representative from their Board. The SOA usually holds two Advisory Board meetings a year, one in February and one in October, with the October meeting being considered the Annual meeting in which the Board of Directors election is held. The Advisory Board Members are responsible and authorized to cast the ballot for the SOA Board of Directors election as well as vote on other actions as proposed to the membership in accordance with the SOA governing documents, such as amendments to the documents. A full operations update from the SOA Board and Management is provided at the Advisory Board meetings, which includes the audited financial statements and/or the budget for the following calendar year. The President’s are asked to share the information with their individual association members and the presentations are also available on our website following the meetings. Minutes to these meetings can be viewed on this site under the Homeowner Menu, Meeting Minutes page. In accordance with FL Statute, the meetings are open to all members of the association; however, only the President (or appointed represented from the HOA/COA) is authorized to sign in on behalf of the neighborhood and participate in the meeting.


SOA Board Members

Melissa Cocks President 1/2019-12/2021
Jeff Murrell Treasurer 1/2020-12/2022
Ken Lloyd Director 1/2020-12/2022
Terry Cost Director 1/2021/12/2023
Jeff Kelley Director 1/2021-12/2023
Vacant Class A Director 1/2019-12/2021
Robert Kamm Commercial Director 1/2020-12/2022
Kitty Whitney  Commercial Director 1/2021-12/2023
Sara Becnel Declarant Representative  


No Board Members Found