Sandestin, Fl

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Cox Communications

March 26, 2020 – Important Message from Cox Communications regarding adjustments and restrictions to services at this time.
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Please contact Cox Communications first by emailing should you experience an outage or need assistance with services.  If your email is not available, please call the SOA Account Manager at (850) 314-8112 during business hours Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For technical support after-hours and weekends, call 1-855-512-8876.  When providing your address, please be sure to indicate you are in the Sandestin community.


Cox Communications provides basic cable television to the residents of Sandestin at a reduced rate per quarter. These monies are paid to the SOA with your quarterly assessment, if you have a home or condo. For details on the rate, please email  Lot owners do not incur this fee.

Premium channels, high speed internet, and telephone service is also available by calling the SOA Cox Communications Representative at one of the Sales Support numbers listed above.  It is important that you speak with the a Cox Representative at one of these contact numbers regarding any type of upgrade as they are familiar with the SOA’s account and will ensure that the billing for your additional services is handled correctly. Sandestin Owners will receive a discount off of upgraded services, except telephone.  Cox Communications will bill you directly for any additional services you order. When calling,  you will not need the account number, just your Sandestin address.  If the teleprompt requests your account number, please press zero (0) and you will be put into the queue for a representative.