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Tom Talks / Manager’s Moment Archive

Tom Talks

Tom Cooper, Director of Sandestin Owner’s Association takes SOA topics you want to know more about and explains the answers on Tom Talks!

Episode 1: SOX Install – alternative product to protect lake erosion. 

Episode 2: Weed Harvester

Episode 3: Golf Cart Rentals

Episode 4: SOA Election Process

Episode 5: Beach Ownership

Episode 6: Communication with the SOA

Episode 7: Substation and 911 Addressing

Episode 8: Happy Thanksgiving – Updates and Upcoming items

Episode 9: Election 2.0

Episode 10: SOA Lakes

Episode 11: Call for Committee Members 2024

Episode 12: ARB Process

Episode 13: SOA Passes & Decals

Episode 14: Golf Cart Renewal 2024

Episode 15: Project Updates

Episode: SOA 14th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt

Episode 17: Sandestin Speed Limits

Episode 18: A Day in the Life of Sanitation

Episode 19: Lake Algae, Weeds & Odors

Episode 20: Water Ox (Lake Aeration System- Test Run) 


Below are links to the previously recorded Manager’s Moments.

June 2022
“The Many Sandestin Relationships “

March 2022
3.24.22 “2021 Year in Review”

December 2021
12.16.21 – “SOA Lakes – They are not just fish ponds”